Introduction to Pattern Chapter - Nostalgia

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What is nostalgia but a yearning or a sentimental state of mind wishing to return to a previous generally pleasurable   place, time, or situation?  Life can be likened to a string of pearls.  The string, being the mundane passage of time, is punctuated with randomly placed pearls; glorious jewels of pleasant emotionally charged experiences had along life's path.  

Thoughts regarding these stored experiences are instantaneously transmitted per electrical impulses via the ordered pattern of our neural pathways, resulting in a retrieval of memories associated with these past experiences.  Once retrieved, these memories can give rise to an aching desire to return to these moments in time.  A pattern of thought may develop.  Although we are living today, somehow we feel that yesterday was better.  We forget that each today is tomorrow's yesterday.  When extremely focused on yesterday, we can miss fully experiencing joy in the "now" instead of wistfully wishing to return to "this present moment" once it becomes the "past."

A nostalgic memory may be brought forth as a scene, almost a snaphot, maybe of a childhood pet, classmate, or a special event.  Perhaps an image, or vignette of a dear friend or beloved relative, who departed from our lives, comes to mind; allowing us to enjoy their "presence" once more.

Ah, nostalgic memories of yesteryear, at times, project themselves on the canvas, silver screen, of the mind's eye as a montage.  We may even view ourselves in various fragments, as this film of our past reveals itself.

Nostalgia can easily be elicited by a thought, a taste, a melody or sound, a fragrance, or by seeing an object or image  which triggers a special memory tucked away in our hearts, minds, or souls.  We often bring these memories into our "now" for fleeting moments, in order to savor, silently recount, almost relive them.  Since this can bring us a type of emotional satisfaction, we may establish a pattern as to how often to recall these memories, so that we can maintain an elevated mood.  When we allow these memories to fade from our present thoughts, they again are stored in a treasured safe place so they once again can be retrieved for comfort, validation of our lives, or to briefly allow us to escape from today's pain.

Perhaps some of the following images will evoke a nostalgic memory from you.                         








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