Black Grass (song lyrics)

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The windless night

Leaves me cold as stone

Skin shivers in silent air

Alone, with no more home


Ahead lies a vast void

Of boundless depth and hue

Replaces the light that I thought

That I once knew


But there's time to waste

Before I go

So I'll just lay here

On the black grass


The stars slowly awaken

Alive and dead the same

Lined up in shapes unseen

Without a given name


The noise has all but left this land

Never to return

For it has known since long ago

To leave before we burn


But there's time enough

To breathe the night

Once more

Before we go

So we'll just lay here

On the black grass

Created: Feb 27, 2014

Tags: black grass, apocalyptically so, potentially, very very sad, song lyrics

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