desolate vacation

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in the end,

if time becomes eternal
from a bomb's abandoning of humanity,
and I the last lone being?
i'll jog through gravestone parking lots
and find a leather wheeled machine
to displace myself from history's fall

i'll come to a town
with a super-sized mall,
break through a window
and rummage the halls,
perhaps relieve myself
in the convenient vast multitude
of vacant bathroom stalls

and before I leave
I'll nab every CD,
from Christmas Jazz and Indie Folk
to Jungle-NRG,
piling them in my rickety cart
full of jerky, beer and strawberry tarts

and fortunately
there'll be a bridge across the Erie
in 2043
so when i embark upstate
where the decrepit lakes shake and storm clouds convene,
i can turn the fader

to the bare backseat,
and drive on in enebration
towards my desolate vacation
while the waters
patrol beneath

Created: Feb 27, 2014

Tags: satire, poetry, free-verse

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