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The new, the fresh, the birth, the clean
stands for beginnings, crisp, sharp, blank
but not messy.
As they should be.
Because really beginnings are just a mental explanation.

Here comes
new years to go by,
another year
intent on reflecting upon pasts,
futures, and the present.
Another orbit, another calendar,
and another 365 days for rolling my dice in chances.

It begins with a clock tick and strike.
Procrastinating on writing
new years resolutions,
ends in a promise,
to never procrastinate again.

The midnight strike,
of December 31st
will not signify a new beginning,
because as symbolic as it is,
i will not become a saint this year,
or the next,
nor will i go to the gym 3 times a week,
cut carbs out of my diet or,
save enough money to go to Cabo,
for the fifth time.

Hence beginnings are always messy.

Created: Feb 27, 2014

Tags: satire, poetry, free-verse

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