ANIMATOR CHALLENGE - The Evolution of the Self-Aware Universe

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I have this idea for an animated short that depicts evolution over time (starting with the Big Bang) and the end result is the universe becoming self-aware. It will go a little something like this. . .

We start with an explosion that pushes debris and particles around in space until we close in on Earth. As we zoom in on earth we see quarks and atoms intermingling to become the first cell of life. That cell of life evolves to move, develop eyes, etc. etc. until it becomes man. Man evolves to invent - art, language, technology. . .

As technology is further developed it becomes faster and more intelligent. We pan out of earth and see satellites built by man discover new planets and cellestial bodies. As it develops further the advancement of technology becomes the eyes of the universe thus making the universe "self-aware"

A possible conclusion is, in the end, when we're panning out we see how new technology is interconnecting the bodies of the universe and then fully panning out into an "eye" thus connecting the idea that the universe can now see. . .

Created: Feb 27, 2014

Tags: man, universe, planets, non-fiction, technology, animation, invention, evolution, request, galaxies, story

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