Chin Up text (Digresser REmix)

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For Marie Bee's album, "Chin Up."


Remix of a wonderful piece by Digresser for Marie Bee's "Chin Up" chapter in the Patterns book.


Chin Up

If the people who were born some thousands of years ago were able to see the world we’ve created, they’d lose their freaking minds.

They’d stare, point and scream (sometimes in that order, sometimes in shuffle).

Not because of a technological shock: simply for visual reasons.

And it truly is that simple. They’d be shocked by what they saw, which would be the same things we see everyday; except, of course, for the fact that they are ordinary to us. Today's people like to give out constant glances, with just a couple of real looks now and then.

Call it desensitized or automatic: your choice. But life in the cities has institutionalized a certain way of moving around, a universally accepted method. If one of these days you’re walking on a crowded street, stop for a moment. Just stop, and move to the side, and you’ll see it: we walk in autopilot. Eyes on our feet. Eyes on our phone. Eyes up front. Rarely truly seeing. 

Certainly, this is a modern issue, and goes hand in hand with our lifestyle. A lifestyle that includes a lack of space, a very large dose of urge and impatience, and several other elements so different from life's true nature. We move in blocks. And while we do so, nature moves like choreography. From the birds in the sky to the turning of the moon, which incidentally has its own jaw-droppingly decorated ballroom up there. 

It seems that these natural wonders must have been the inspiration for human-made patterns. But no one ever would’ve turned copy cat without the capacity of amazement, the willingness to notice. Yes, we may take a concept and run with it in a million different directions, but it always has and always will require the same basic principle: looking. We may feel some urge toward autopilot, but thankfully a deeper instinct still wants to be part of the choreography. That’s why we made our own stars and then found something else to colourfully replace them during daylight.

If the people who were born some thousands of years ago were able to see the world we’ve created, they’d look. Not glance. Look, long and hard. Look around. Look above. They’d chin up. And they’d be right in doing so. Our seemingly "dull" neighborhoods are filled with patterns, movement, and colours, whether it's by chance or by design. There’s always something out there, worth seeing and waiting to be seen. In the trees, in the streets, in the skies. There’s always another pattern waiting to be noticed.




Created: Feb 26, 2014

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