i was a book

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      i was a book
    of blank pages
   tangled in cobwebs;
      limp, sheets shred -
some spotted with their scents,
           coffee stains
      bits of breakfast -

                                                   but nothing which
                                                       would not fade
                                             as i scrubbed them away.

    but you -
   oh. damn you.
spilling your jam &
    your soups and your
dark staining desserts;
         try as i might
   my pages are full -
                                                       stuck together;
                                                   the glue of each tear,
                                                gone with those days! days so bare.

Created: Feb 26, 2014

Tags: in love, theme, young love, free-verse, trash, story, romance, poetry, stains, mature love, book, complicated, love

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