Mariella Lewis

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Mariella was an average little girl. She had long, stick, straight blonde hair and bright green eyes. Where Mariella wasn’t average was her personality. Mariella was over-dramatic, loud, and completely precocious. She was all of this at the age of four.

Mariella was the only child of two artist, living in a suburb outside Atlanta. Her father was the head photographer for a major photography company and her mother was the manager of the school store at the local art college. Mariella spent her early years running around that art college. It was her personal playground. Most of the students knew her, especially those who worked for her mother, and half the teachers had babysat her. It was Mariellas home away from home. Before she started elementary school Mariella had already sat in the back of multiple college classes. Granted her participation in these classes consisted of her sitting in the back playing with whatever art supplies she could find. 

There was an inquesitive nature to Mariella that didn’t exist in most children. She needed know why things were the way they were. Why the sky was blue and the grass was green. Why white people and black people hated each other.  Why her parents only had one child.  Whenever she didn’t understand something she asked her mother…but she always found herself dissatisfied with the answers.

Even though she knew it was wrong Mariella preferred her mother to her father. At first it all happened by accident. Mariella’s father, Henry, worked constantly, leaving the bulk of the child rearing to Vivi. It didn’t help that Vivi’s father would visit twice a month, becoming a stronger father figure for Mariella. There was just no opportunity for Mariella and Henry to bond. So when Henry was laid off work when Mariella was four, the entire family dynamic was rocked. Mariella’s first interactions with her father occurred during his downward spiral, which would drag Mariella down with him.

Mariella ranaway four times in her life. Each time she got a little farther away from her home then before. Each time was triggered by an altercation with her father and each altercation was worse than the last. The last time Mariella ran away she made it to the McDonald’s near the grocery store her mother shopped at. Mariella placed her order for a happy meal. When the cashier stared at her, Mariella realized her mistake. Knowing she had no money to pay for the meal, she hung her head and walked out of the McDonald’s. After that day she never ran away again, even though she kept dreaming of it.

Created: Feb 26, 2014

Tags: family, fiction, character collab, prose, runaway, little kids

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