The Road of Life

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When you mention The Road, I think of all of the things that I've done in my life that have gotten me here to this moment.

In our journey as human beings we are constantly moving down one road of life or another. 

I have found myself going down one road for so long only to find that I have to jump over onto another to 

continue in the same direction. The road of life is paved with many different materials.

It is paved with trials and tribulations, heartache and tears, and real suffering, but it can also be paved with glorious and wondrous things, for example, the birth of a child, true love, a rainbow after a long rainy morning. There can be complete and utter happiness along the road you follow. You may be at a point in your life where you think that there is only sadness, but you should never give up hope that you will come to the part of the road of life where you know, you just know with all of your heart that things are going to be alright. There may be nothing significant when you come to that point, but I promise, you are going to know it! You just have to remember that sometimes it takes time to reach that part of the road, but when you do...Man, oh man are you in for a treat. 


Created: Feb 25, 2014

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