I Wish Your Mother Had Swallowed You (featuring Nathaniel Simmons)

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Cut up you all look the same. I put your bodies to shame. You better shut the fuck up. Before I sew your fucking mouth shit. As she opens her eyes. Not a tear drop will roll by. She's as callous as they come. She's the one that makes my heart go numb. One day she'll be with me. She will be, oh you'll see. Well that day has not come. As, well, you can tell. And that is why I continue to yell. If you wanna see her dead, better let me. If you wanna see her breathe, better stop me. All she had to do was stand beside me. Clothes, hair, and blood all around me. Well I met her long ago. And now she's dead on the floor. You shoulda known better, Yeah. Yeah, I've never known wetter, Yeah. She's the one I did love. Now she's the one I'm gonna use for my cat's grub. There's just one problem how am I gonna scrub all this blood out of my bathtub? And as I pull her hair out the drain I can't help but bust the beat from Fifteen Minutes of Fame. This girl, this girl that didn't love me. Don't let this girl be you. That would be not very safe for you. Yeah I just rhymed you with you. What the fuck are you gonna do? Pull it. Pull it. Pull the fucking trigger. Keep your hand clasped in mine. And call me your valentine. For quite some time it seems. I had the girl of my dreams. The blackest of hearts and the whitest of doves. And I sit here broken hearted knowing that she is in love.

Created: Feb 25, 2014

Tags: heavy, comedy, band, metal, music

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