Dr. Jenkins, The Nuclear Reactor is Over-Reacting

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I have found the formula. This will make me all powerful. Wait! Stop, this is madness. You should use your intelligence to help those less fortunate. It is my intelligence. The people are idiots. But for no longer. Hahahahaha. Not even for science will we suffer. Not even these test tubes can hold in our hatred. This blinding white light reflects our lab coats. We study we study we study. Science science science. You are a fool. What will be left to study when you are all there is. Anatomy was never one of your strong suits, Dr. Jenkins. And apparently neither is logic. You will destroy yourself. It is in your nature. You are a fool. You are the fool, Dr. Lankanotvich. We are scientists, not mere men. Embrace your power. And join me.

Created: Feb 25, 2014

Tags: band, science, music, comedy, heavy, metal

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