Strippers of the Apocalypse

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Sent down from the heavens. 
Destroying everything that's in my path. 
Shedding all the blood of man, 
Bow down to me your new master. 
Burning bodies like they were sticks. 
Unless they bear the 666. 
It's time to bring you back, 
Show 'em how to shake that ass, 
Your empire already fell, 
Follow me back to your Hell, 
Fires rain from blessed skies at hand, 
Burning all your toiled land, 
Spoiled hookers take your business, 
Strippers of the Apocalypse, you will win this. 
Nothing now. 
Misery loves company! 
The skies rain upon the children, 
Upon their graves. 
You makers have fallen, 
Your masters are calling!

Created: Feb 25, 2014

Tags: heavy, music, band, metal, comedy

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