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Seth stood. Silently he looked upon the horizon. The city towered above the light plains, safely contained beneath a bubble of smog and desperation. Although he was not present in the city, it was always calling him. He spent so much of his precious time in a constant attempt at survival;a piece of him would always be locked into its veins. Seth, turning  with a frown towards the old oak tree, though of himself, what he was leaving behind and what he was looking for. To his surprise the brown oak croaked and whispered as if to edge him on. After all the old tree would sit and wait day after day and never recieve a single visitor. The tree loomed over the tall man, it had seen his type before. Yes, the tree shushed in the breeze; many men came by here in the tree's life, all aching for an escape from death - an escape from the city, rather. The lonely oak sighed. Who knows, maybe this one would be different. If it was any consolation, the ancient watcher noticed a spark in this one's eyes. Maybe it was hope, maybe it was desperation but whatever it was maybe he could save them...

The sun beat silently. Softly pressing its warmth against his dark hair. He could not return but he had no clue where to go. He had nowhere to go for that matter. He stirred for a time when cities were a rare abomination and when the oak trees, pine trees, grass, shrubs, animals and humans - when life itself thrived. After centuries it was all gone. All that had been left were little tufts of dense wood and forrest to his right. The army of trees stood as a wall, guarding the delicate secrets of the deep wood. It could not be so terrible in there It could not be so dangerous that none would live there. Anything would be better than that deadly city

Created: Feb 25, 2014

Tags: story, fiction

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