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everyone has weird things they do every morning.

i love doing things in exactly the same order. every day. and that's what makes it meaningful.

i set 3 alarms each morning at 7:05, 7:15, and 7:20.

i do ballet. every morning. at 8:45 a.m. which is ritualistic in itself.


my friend wakes up at 4 am to q-tip her ears and eyeball gunk.


this could get intersting.


what if we made a film, a story, a something about morning routines of people who are and are not disabled? or if we were to show the way a ritual morphs over the life cycle? of certain ethnic groups? of certain animals?

the film could progress from simple (like the 45 minutes it takes me to get ready evrymorning) to long and complicatd, like the 4 hours it takes my 87 year old grandfather to wake up, shower, get dressed, and make his cereal with bananas, 4 prunes, and whole milk, and coffee with 3 sweet 'n low's?

lots of possibilities...


distribution: it could be seen as a flip book type of thing.. 

or.. if appealing to a younger audience, we could team up with the guys at snap chat and have them send out a mass snapchat to all of the users to see? 

but we should make something for people who can't see.. like a book on tape.. a fully fleshed story of images and ideas that is colorful just through the text alone..


that's all for now. 

Created: Feb 25, 2014


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