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Do you believe in destiny. . .? 

What is destiny? It is defined as a "predetermined course of events often held to be in an irresistible power or agency." It sounds fantastical but when I stop and look around this marvelous world of ours and all of the wonders it produces. . .it makes me believe that one day we will figure out the reality of destiny.

Most aspects of our world has a formula. Energy, time, light, distance, speed, gravity, weight. . .could destiny possibly have a mathematical sequence that we have not evolved to figure out yet? From the moment we are born are we stamped with a series of numbers that add, subtract, multiply, and divide as we grow, think, move, and make choices? Could these equations lead us to people and places with similar numeric patterns thus fulfilling this idea that we belong in specific places and doing specific things with specific people? 

Maybe right now my theory is just wishful thinking but as we evolve to understand the mysteries of life, Earth, the galaxy, and the universe. . .how it's all interconnected. . .it's fantastical in itself that we exist to obsersve and understand all of this complexity. Maybe each of us having a predetermined outcome isn't such a far-fetched idea. And I like the idea living in a world where I am destined to have a purpose within it. 

Created: Feb 25, 2014

Tags: questions, theme, theory, math, philosophy, essay, non-fiction, destiny

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