Another time and place

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The not to distant future. A shopping plaza that is guarded by police to combat crime.

"Dad. Dad. Wait, look. Look, look, I know that boy. What did he do? Why are those officers with him?"

"Ladies and gentlemen, please get back to your business. This is a matter that does not affect you or your family."

"Dad, please, let's see if we can help. Please!"

"Honey, we should get back home. No, no, no Janey don't go. Jason don't go after your sister, follow me and say nothing. You hear me?"

"Officer. Officer! What did this boy do? I know him from school."

"Young lady do not interfere. This is a matter that doesn't pertain to you. This boy as you called him is guilty of stealing food from a store."

"I have credits, I'll pay for his food. Please, officer, let me pay. A warning for the boy? Please."

"Janey, do not bother these officers. Officer, I'm sorry, my daughter doesn't know what was happening. She's just a child, officer."

"Ah, councilman, this lovely young woman is your daughter? I'm afraid your daughter disturbed an arrest. And kind sir, your daughter is not a child, she bleeds, therefore she is a woman. A woman that offered credits to pay for this thiefs stolen food. Why would your daughter offer to pay for the thiefs food? Hmmm."

"Officer, my daughter is a kind soul, she wants to help everyone. She is young, naive, foolish. Do not...."

"Father. Officer. Please I know this boy from school, he'd never do anything bad. His name is Liam, he supports his family. If he stole it was to feed his family. Please let me pay for the food. Please!"

"Silence! You cannot pay for the thiefs food. There are no warnings. You offer to pay for this man's crimes for what reason, girl?"

"Officer, please do not punish my daughter."

"Your daughter, councilman, will be punished for disrupting an arrest. You yourself know our laws. That is why your daughter is just as guilty as the thief. Why does your daughter offer to save this man? Why, girl?"

"Officer, I know this boy isn't bad. We are in school together. Please, father, listen to me."

"You would subject yourself to punishment for this criminal?"

"Yes, if it'll stop him from being punished."

"Janey, stop this!"

"Your daughter will be punished along with the thief. I have transmitted the orders, as well as the orders to her instructors. Perhaps, councilman, your children need to go to a better institution of learning. Is the reason your daughter stopped this arrest because she is the whore of this thief?"

"Stop this nonsense, officer."

"Councilman, do you disapprove of the punishment? Perhaps you'd like to step in for the punishment?"

"No, officer, just state the punishment that my daughter is to endure."

"Ladies and Gentlemen! Look this way! A thief stole from your shops, look closely at this scum! This is what lives amongst you! Look! One of your own councilmen's daughter's disrupted my arrest! She is just as guilty as this criminal. So she shall be an example to those that would like to follow her heroic actions. Councilman, your daughter will be whipped for her stupidity."

"Daddy, daddy, don't cry. I'm not afraid of there punishments. I'm ashamed of you and your fellow councilmen."

Created: Feb 25, 2014


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