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“Created in God‘s image” doesn’t mean

five fingers or five toes upon each limb,

nor anything, I think, that can be seen,

And how can we tell if God’s “Her” or “Him?”


Defining “image,” in the sense divine,

must just refer to something of the soul --

nothing of appearance, something more fine --

no mere trait but a quality that’s whole.


What image does Divinity possess?

Is anything outside of This gestalt?

Might angels sport God’s image more or less?

Where in creation could This image halt?


Perhaps the meaning is that all the world

is only intellection and notion,

and all the drama into which we’re hurled

is nothing but God’s whimsy in motion.


“Image” might just mean fantasy or thought --

Divine invention in which we are caught.

Created: Feb 24, 2014

Tags: song, reading

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