Sad Destination

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I woke up early this morning. Not to see a sunrise, to smell coffee, or beat the morning crow. I woke up this morning to head out on that long stretch of road. I'm aware that cars are speeding pass me and the distance between me and them grow. Today I don't feel the need to weave in and out of traffic for I am in no hurry to get to where I need to go. I try to imagine myself driving to a wonderful place. Maybe that will keeps these tears from running down my face. I see the time and miles creeping by. I know my destination is getting closer to me. Now I wish I did not leave so early, then I would not get there so soon. Maybe if I left later it would change the news. Wishful thoughts behind watery eyes seems to make the heart more heavy. My heavy heart has made my foot light, I feel as the car slows. I wonder how many other people are heading to the same place. I wonder if they wonder why I drive so slow. Would they be in a hurry to get a last look of a face?

Created: Feb 24, 2014


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