forged in fire

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A/N: I got recollections vol 1 a few months ago and have been listening to the music on it a lot. as i was driving home today, this song got me writing. so here's to remixing both new and old records ~K

spades have never just been spades
shovels carry bits of moist earth from
where they have been to wherever they go.
the past stumbles onto the present, 
the water is forever cloudy.

in the present, play the part given at birth:
hero, villain, queen, or servant,
you cannot choose a different mantle,
only pieces of the ending. 

and through it all dreams are forged
in misshapen fires, 
pretty from a distance, fractured up close,
glistening light in the tiny cracks. 
if you're lucky, your dreams
will make it almost intact,
the edges rough and chipped
(don't ask me about the others,
glass and tears are deadly for most). 

this world is neither pretty nor fair,
least of all unchanging, but forged in fire,
scars kiss but never tell. 

Created: Feb 24, 2014

Tags: earth, free-verse, past, fire, dreams, remix, present, poetry, angst, fiction, sad, glass, bitter, life, dirt, character, spade, scars, roles

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