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This could either be a regular tv show or on the internet but by utilising the awesome Rapid Response skillz of the hitRECord community I think we could definitely make a weekly kick-ass piss-funny topical show incorporating live-action, animations, video editing, voice-overs, topical songs, the whole shebang. And I think the global perspective the community could give to US and Global events would make it something unique in this marketplace.

Personally, I like the idea of aliens analysing us from space...

(There's a BBC topical radio show I've written for in the past called Newsjack which has an open-door submission policy which works like this:

Sketch Deadline: Monday midday

One-liners & Vox-Pops Deadline: Tuesday 5pm

Recorded: Wednesday Evening

Broadcast: Thursday Night

I think a similar structure could work well here, so for instance submissions could be made over the weekend and then those chosen worked on over the next couple of days and then broadcast on a Thursday or Friday.)


Tiny Stories is a great hitRECord brand which has already been exploited in lots of ways. My movie idea is this:

The world isn't made of atoms but of tiny stories and a mysterious character called Wirrow travels around collecting them for his book. But when the tiny book of tiny stories gets stolen - and those tiny stories get all mixed up - SHIT GETS REAL!

I imagine live-action combined with animation and other cool stuff with loads of tiny roles for the very best actors to fight over.



A Twilight Zone type show is something HitRECord could definitely excel at.

I set up a collaboration here: Irregularities In The Transmission (TV SHOW)

And I wrote a draft outline of an episode here: TV Pilot Draft #1 (Irregularities In The Transmission)


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Created: Feb 24, 2014

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