the power to save yourself…

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I was thinking about how it seems like almost every story has a character whether male or female that is “saved” by someone else whether it be through love or a “knight” dashing to the rescue. Well what about for those who don’t believe you need an outside source to save you. What about the ones who believe that the power to truly save yourself comes from within…
I saw this movie Penelope where this female role needed to find a blue blood to break her curse through loving her, as it turned out all she really needed was to love herself. BOOM, curse was broken.
These are the type of stories I am drawn to. And really it’s not just the female roles anymore that are written to be saved now-a-days, some switch it to where the female saves the male. This isn’t bad but why not create more about self-saving oppose to having to have someone save you?
I think it would be cool to see what others think of this and what they would come up with. This can even be for a broken heart. You don’t need a new partner to get other the other one, maybe just rediscovering your self-appreciation. Or maybe even stories where someone was able to find the power within them self to turn their life around or overcome some personal dilemma. I think there are a lot of ways this particular idea could go. Anyways just a thought!

Created: Feb 24, 2014


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