Foreign (Bodies) Policy

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I was thinking this could be a theme worth exploring for a TV episode.  Not just foreign policy between countries (although personally I find this subject fascinating), but how different things react to a foreigner.  For example, I remember reading about a man with a fir tree growing in his lung; he had inhaled a seed and it had started growing inside him.  In this case, his body was quite accomodating!  In other cases, the body does everything it can to repel the invader.


Another example would be a new person joining an established group.  But looking at it from the group's perspective, not the outsider's/new person's viewpoint.


We had chickens when I was a child, and you could really see where the phrase 'pecking order' came from.  There is a hierarchy where one hen can peck them all, the next can peck all except the first one and so on all the way down to an unfortunate creature which can only get pecked.  Which is the most 'foreign' one.


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Created: Feb 24, 2014

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