One to Ten and Back Again (Chapter Intro) The Untitled Pattern...

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One to Ten and Back Again

One to Ten and Back Again


One garden orb with nature’s reflection              

Two kitten paws stretched out to relieve some tension    

Three brown bags… Oh, the lunches they hold    

Four opened books with stories to be told    

Five fingers… ink blotch    

Six colorful pieces of chalk… perfect for hopscotch    

Seven skater boys hanging out on the street

Eight lollipops, a lover’s surprise treat

Nine balanced rocks, stacked thrice

Ten, the roll of the dice

Nine baby toys form a perfect circle

Eight shadow obstacles, the ocean’s ghostly hurtles

Seven power lines… nature’s resting spot in the sky

Six stingrays remind me of kites that fly high

Five flamingos resting... contorted just right

Four finger tips bent oh so slight

Three strange mushrooms… stay away

Two Ibis fly high above seeking their prey

A frozen bubble… we are back to one

One to ten and back again… now we are done



*Not a copy cat intro but more of a fun poem based on the selected images... :)

Created: Feb 24, 2014

Tags: pattern book, pattern, chapter introduction, poetry

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