Seaing Stars

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Bodies bare, beneath water;
your wet smile splashing my dry heart,
rippling beneath astray moonlight,
hands clasped with mine,
lips moist, so close,
my gill longing for your air.

With a wink, we unite,
lips salting, lips salted,
tongues diving into deepened caverns,
senses rising, bodies descending,
with corals of your skin becoming
familiar with mine,
as hands and urchins sprout,
ready to feel what must be felt.

Far from shallow,
we sink into unknown waters,
two treasures burying, never found,
lost in leagues of love,
undersea, under unseen stars.

Deeper and deeper, density defies;
anchoring in sand ready for two souls,
once treading, now stroking,
towards infinite passion
with you, my swimmer.

Created: Feb 24, 2014

Tags: ocean, poetry, romance, water, sea, love, coast, starry, star, passion, romantic, stars

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