Challange Me (Dictionary random word short poem from taralabovich )...

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[title cont: ... Word : Loud]

There being to loud , she said .

   Kids are loud , he said .

     They have all the energy and joy we use to when we were that age .

       Did we really ever have all that life in us ?

         What happened to us ? , he said .

            Life happened , that's what happened ! , she said .

              No that's not it , he said .

                Life happens to them too , and yet they still live .

                  It's our fault , when we give up , when we stop .

                    That's the differance between us and them ,

                      When we finish , they haven't even started yet .

 Thank you Tarala for the Challange ! <3

Created: Feb 23, 2014

Tags: story, request, theme

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