Bathtub Cowboy Dude (Re-Emerges!)

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Umm, so... recap: moments before I posted my RLP contribution last night I was still trying to think of other ideas... and then I saw my daughter's dollhouse and this little cowboy dude next to it on the floor and thought that a cowboy in a dollhouse could actually fit quite well with the "contrast" theme!


...And this pure, unadulterated haphazard foolishness was what I ended up with. Little cowboy dude taking a bath.


Posted it as a joke and hid it pretty quickly. But now, as requested by anna nimiti - the silliness of bathtub cowboy dude re-emerges!


Since he was still in the bathtub this morning, I thought I'd at least reshoot it. This time with actual lighting and such.


So, yep, there you have it. Cowboy dude in a bathtub. Do with it what you will.


Created: Feb 23, 2014


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