Seeing You

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What you're seeing is what I sometimes see when I stare at something too long at something--most often my computer screen. The colors change, and things get really blurry and I get lost. I guess this is a 3 second version of that. After staring at this for a few minutes on loop--it feels crazy if you try to adjust your vision along with it. I decided to make this an animated gift cuz its the trendy thing to do around hitrecord these days. If enough people want, I can upload the full res version--which looks amazing btw. I originally made it to be a minute long--for my enjoyment lol.

LOL--Think of it as a staring contest against an image. Who will win? You? Or the image?

Created: Feb 23, 2014

Tags: cinemagraph, gif, you, seeing, get, image, stare, stairing, lost, animated

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