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Dance. To me, dance and music are nearly the same wavelength. When dancers move their bodies, what we do is make the music visible. The music creates vibrations in the room and we interprete them intimately with our own bodies. 

The Freestyle project really got me thinking about this. At the time I was inspired to freestyle to some of those tracks, not with words but with my dance, as I've been doing street styles for a long time now. I didn't have the means to video myself properly at the time, nonetheless, it then occured to me that there isn't much 'exploratory' dance on HitRECord yet. Of course the TV show has featured a sort of broadway style segment.. But in my humble opinion it was well within the box, if you now what I mean.

 I'd be really excited to see choreographers and dancers working together on HitRECord, together with musicians to create something that pushes stylistic boundaries and and which is more focused on the true expression of the body as art, such as in contemporary, ballet, freestyle steet dance etc...

I imagine this would take form as a film, but one that revolves entirely around a dance performance, we could take it further and have the dance tell a story, a narrative, but depending on the music and its interpretation that might not be necessary. 

That's if for now. Jessiquoi out. :)

Created: Feb 22, 2014

Tags: ballet, style, projects, urban, ideas, film, dance, new, street, contemprary

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