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Hey ! First, congratulations to everybody for hitrecord on TV it is amazing !! Now i have 3 ideas :

Re : Hope again / Lost and found

I think it would be interesting to work on how sometimes you lose something that was so important that it kinda make yourself who you are and you cope witht this lost. I don't see it as a depressing collaboration but more as hopeful. How do you learn to seek what was important in the lost "thing" and replace it or see it in another ?

Re : Languages

I read the "100 languages" by Vphoto and it's a topic that really interest me. I also started a collaboration some time ago (http://www.hitrecord.org/collaborations/6785) about "international tiny stories" and I think with all the RECorders around the world it can be interesting.

Re : Swear words

I recently had an oral presentation about David Mamet's "Speed-the-Plow" and worked on the vulgarities in litterature in general. I grew to be very interested in those single words and how broad is their meaning and, in a way, POWER. There was a very vivid debate after my presentation and believe me, there is a lot to say about a certain F-word !

Voila... :)

Created: Feb 22, 2014


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