The Cinderblock Wall: 10 MWC (Wall)

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I sat on the cinderblock wall waiting for Sherry to come out.

She and her family had just moved to Podesta from Indiana.

Her father was the new football coach.

Sherry was 14 and cute as Hell.

I was 14 and in serious puppy love.

We may have held hands once...I don't remember ever going on a real date.

The next year, I moved to Beeville.

And that was that.

Flash forward 48 years...3 years ago

I get a message on Facebook:

Jimmy, where have you been? I've looked all over the world for you. I even drove down to South Texas in search of you. I live in East Texas now. At my wedding, I cried and told my Daddy to go find you...I can't marry this guy. Find Jimmy, please, I said.

It should've been you, Jimmy.

It should've been you.

Much love,

Sherry Manning


I messaged Sherry back.

Then we messaged back and forth...with my wife's consent, of course.

Sherry remembered me sitting on the Leggett's...the richest people in Podesta...cinderblock wall...waiting for her to come outside.

She also remembered a lot of other things that I did not.

That we dated heavily...that we fell in love...that we were meant to marry each other.

Besides the cinderblock wall, none of it was true.

At first, I was flattered...then I finally realized that Sherry was in the early stages of dementia...and all of this...this great love, that I wanted so much back in 1962...was entirely a figment of Sherry's imagination.

I have found out recently that Sherry's dementia has gotten much worse.

She is no longer able to correspond.

I wonder now: am I still sitting on that cinderblock wall in Sherry's mind? Waiting for her to come outside, so we can hold hands?

I hope so.

Created: Feb 22, 2014


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