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so for awhile now.. maybe a few years, ive been thinking of a way to make a feature film that is not all animation collaboritvley on hitrecord.. and i keep coming back to the notion of a film that tells a story made up of short films... for examples look to 4 Rooms or Coffe and Ciggaretes .. also maybe Timecode... a note.. all these movies are worth watching regardless.

Anyways! these films, with exception to Timecode are made up of vignettes that are created by different people all telling a story in full...

So here is my idea...

WEDNESDAY is a film about a random day told through the events of many people over many countries over many differnt times during that day.

but to tie the stories together im thinking there should be some shared event.. ie: a global event.. or the world cup.. or a new pope.. ect.. whatever something that no matter what part of the world you are in you can expierence it.. or at the very least reference it.

thats the question... well heres how.. first i feel the film should be made up of serveral short stories.. how many? im not sure yet. but the short stories will be written by many people.. not one will be written by the same person. SECOND.. once a script is finalize we can shoot the stories all over the world.. collaborating with other hitrecorders in our areas.. then a score will be made and we all know how that goes here.


anyways its pretty rough right now as an idea.. but i feel its a start.. im gonna start a collab for it looking for writers only at this point and we can come up with the story.

anyways i look forward to hearing your feedback and ideas

Created: Feb 22, 2014

Tags: feature film, theme, request

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