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   I would love to help put together a collaboration for or about young people. The people who may not legally be considered an adult yet but still contribute to HitRecord in the same ways. As a young person myself I would love to show the creative sides of the younger part of HitRecord, possibly through a short film, animations or some sort of visual.

   I have always loved film and I’m infatuated with movies of all sorts, be it huge Hollywood blockbuster or a backyard short film thrown together by the kids I babysit. I'm passionate about...well mostly three things Reptiles, Medicine and Film. I would love to find a way to mesh them all together to make the upmost perfect dream job, but mostly i would like to find out what other people around my age are passionate about on HitRecord. I want to help lead the next generation of Recorders, and I believe starting us out young is a key way to insure the future of HitRecord is a bright one.

To start this off I'd like to introduce myself a little bit better than my profile might suggest.

Name: Brenna Costello

Persona on HitRecord: KONGA (My dad works for the pet product company, Kong. You know the red snowman looking thing you put treats in for your dog, and my English teacher has called me KONG since 9th grade and now everyone does.)

Age: 16

Private Slice of Heaven: Colorado

Favorite Films: 127 Hours, Skyfall, The Place Beyond the Pines, the silent film I made with some friends about the progressive era for US History class (untitled)

Dream Profession: An ER doctor who specializes in treating snakebites and also happens to be an Actor/Director/ Writer/ Producer and studies Sea Snake venom in Australia to help find a cure for diseases like Alzheimer’s and Cancer, and a Mom

Favorite Musicians: Jack Johnson! New Politics, Panic! At the Disco, MIKA, Grouplove, Coldplay, Arcade Fire, Lorde, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Muse, Neon Trees, Robbie Williams, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Twenty One Pilots, and The Wombats

Favorite Song: Go On by Jack Johnosn

Favorite Animals: Gaboon Viper and Greater One Horned Rhino

Where I Spend the Most Time: Volunteering at the Denver Zoo

What type of media I enjoy working in: Film, Photography, Editing, Singing, Ukulele, Doodleing, Writing  

   I look forward to working with you all!

Created: Feb 22, 2014

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