New and Old Project Ideas

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1. Tiny Monsters: a children's cartoon show

    - Really tie together the Kids VS Monsters collab

    - Variety show elements? (i.e. "Blue's Clues")

    - Short, interconnected story arcs

2. More Music, finished songs... maybe another album?

3. Calendars: tiny stories/ poems combined with art

    - 12-month, longer, daily desk calendar?

    - themes?

4. Zombie Apocalypse Scenario (Possible Season 2 episode?)

    - Why are people so fascinated by the idea?

    - Real life/mythological source inspirations? 

    - Possible ways it could really happen?

    - How to survive... the 1st 24hours?   ... in the long term?

    - Videos, Music, Animations, poetry, etc.

    - History of zombies in fiction?

5. Video Game?

6. Something on Religions or Faith?

Created: Feb 22, 2014


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