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I bet hitRECord has members from all over the world. Countless people sharing same culture, religion, views, ideas. But lately it has come to my observation how little we know about the places we come from, our homes, our countries.

So this is for all the people from around the world who work here. We know so little about the world we live in. The only source we have is the news the tv shows and the blogs from biased people. But i don't believe thats all to a country. Because the only things which escapes the boundaries are the bad things, hardly any good ones.

I am from India, and I have gone through social networking sites and i was surprise to know how the people from different country perceive us. Spices, turbans, hinduism, corruption. Thats it. And most of those views are wrong!

I bet this is the case with people from every other country. So tell us what makes living in your country special. All those little things which make your world, and why you would rather live here than any place else. Because little things are wonderful, and not every one sees them, but they shape the world. Tell us what lies beyond those fences and boundaries, I bet theres a different story.

And its not it, maybe you have travelled to country and saw something no tv show or news or papers talks about. Something different or beautiful. Share your story here.

This is an effort to bridge the gap oceans fences and armies have created.

This can be book a video or an episode, i don't know. Just a thought!

Your country, your view, your story.

Created: Feb 22, 2014

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