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Book title: POST-IT - The Quiet Revolution

Take your chance to remind society of what needs to be done/said, through pre-printed durable but environment friendly post-it notes.

There are so many things we'd like to change in society. Problem is you don't always know what to do to make yourself heard. So lets make a book and fill it with pre-prited and (a few blank) bigger sized variation of post-it notes which people can actually use to remind socienty about what it's forgetting. And when many post-its are put in the same place, the quiet revolution has begun. And hopefully something will happen.

Placing ost-its like FIX IT, SMILE, CALL MOM, FEED THE CAT HUNGRY, KEEP AN OPEN MIND, DON'T FORGET THE ENVIRONMENT,  NEED CLEAN WATER FOR SURVIVAL in common areas, hopefully will make people think, smile and/or come up with their own post-it ideas.


Created: Feb 22, 2014


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