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I chose 4 old projects that I think we should revive, some of them include ideas about how we can work with them. And also, I added a new collab idea.

1. Shadow Beings: This one is by far my favorite collaboration on Hitrecord, I think that a lot of people contributed with amazing records for this collab and we have a lot of beautiful material to work with. My idea with this collab is create a book, dedicated to the Shadows, we can make a book with illustrations, the story and explanation of each one of the shadows, it can be a tiny book of shadows maybe?

2. The Grimm Gallery: This was a fantastic idea for a collab, it was created by the amazing metaphorest and already have 1245 contributions, all of them amazing, so I think we can create short videos showing some of these records, also we can ask to the community to create stories or animations based on a lot of wonderful characters that were contributed to this collab, lot of potential here.

3. Legends, Myths, Stories & Folklore Collab: In our countries we have a lot of myths, legends and stories and we have people from all over the world on HR, so I think it could be great if we make a book, with stories from the different countries and we can add illustrations as well, we can chose the best legends and myths and create illustrations and also videos/animations that we could upload on Youtube or HR, lots of posibilities here as well.

4. Scenes from a Fictional film: This is a new collab and I just love it, lots of amazing contributions so far, it could be a great project for us, because a lot of artists can participate, writers, phorographers, illustrators, I was thinking in a book as well, with the best contributions for this collab.

New Idea:

1. The Story of Hitrecord: What if we create a collab, where we can add the first records, Joe talking about how HR was created, we can make interviews to the first hitrecorders that joined, when and why they joined, how everything evolved and how we get where we are now, I think that now that we are on TV, a lot of people would love to know more about us, we can create a short film/Video showing what's Hitrecord, beyond the things that people already know about us.


Created: Feb 22, 2014


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