Between Sheets and History Pages

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Saccharine sweet, 

Rise with the beat,

Lower down, love, lower,


Ravenous moans,

Match up my bones,

Slow it down, love, slower,



If we rise and fall like men of ages,

Make love between history's pages,

Names dripping from their tongues like sweat,

Bring the world true love it can't forget,


Fill me complete,

Rise with this heat,

Hold me, darling, hold me,


Viridescent eyes,

Finale on the rise,

Mold me, darling, mold me,


Your skins a map I'll always follow,

Filling this bed which once was hollow,

You're a sedative, a cure, malady all in one,

Tie me up around your bones 'till I can't come undone. 





Created: Feb 21, 2014


xanlee Document Media