Challenge #3 - Gonna Write a Song

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@mrfelixding challenged me to write a song about writing a song. I haven't put it to music yet (how ironic) but might do soon ... that is if someone else doesn't do it first. /Woz


"Gonna Write a Song"

gonna write a song
gonna make it rhyme
make the verses strong
and the chorus shine

gonna write a song
with a bass drumbeat
put some coffee on
keep it short and sweet

with a little
a whole lot of
gonna get this piece
off the page

give it lot’s of
aaah’s and oooing
wish i knew the hell
i’m doin’
maybe this one will hit
the big stage

gonna write a song
gonna write a song
gonna write a song

Created: Feb 21, 2014

Tags: songaboutasong, request, lyrics, text, songwriting

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