Patterns Chapter Text: Nostalgia

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Nostalgia is literally the result of a pattern...a brain pattern.

Aural, tactile, olfactory and/or visual stimuli trigger neurons in the amygdala. The emotional seat of the brain.

A certain song, a certain perfume, old photographs can all trigger nostalgia.

At one time nostalgia was considered a mental illness. A form of melancholy.

In fact, the word nostalgia is a combination of 2 Greek words which translate into: homecoming...and pain.

Nowadays, we think of nostalgia as a good thing.

When we look back on our lives, the old days often seem better than 'now'.

In fact, there's a direct inverse correlation to how bad 'now' is to how good 'yesterday' looks.

In trying times, almost everyone reverts to moonwalking back down memory lane.


It hurts so good.



Created: Feb 21, 2014


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