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Patterns create meaning out of the chaos in our world – regularity, repetition, in short, certainty and security. Sometimes the pattern breaks because of a malfunction, a failure, ruining what could otherwise be beautiful symmetry [1]. Decay and degeneration belie our attempts to make the world a uniform place [2] [3] and insist on time and nature’s power over our creations [4] [5]. Time also leaves its mark on our own bodies [6] as a reminder of its influence over the patterns of our lives.


Humans often have their own destructive urge to break the pattern. It could be the urge to give into temptation and eat just one of those perfect cookies [7] or to strike a pristine match [8]. Sometimes we destroy a pattern to find or create meaning in it [9].


But the desire to break the pattern can also be creative, the attempt to impose our personality on the formality of a design [10] [11]. We even build in a break in the pattern to the design, we just can’t resist [12]. Doing this marks us out as individual, not just one of the crowd [13].


Breaking the pattern is our own way of saying that we are in control [14]. Though we’re creating chaos out of order, it is our chaos and it is inherently unique [15]. It’s deliberately done and asserts humanity’s power over the world [16] or own lives [17] [18].


But most often the pattern is broken merely for the sake of change [19]. A change from the everyday and ordinary [20] – an attempt at something extraordinary.


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Created: Feb 21, 2014

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