Doesn't Anyone Write Letters Anymore?

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Added melody + piano to Marya's lyrics, which I tweaked slightly in places. Didn't spend much time on figuring out the piano part though - had to get this down before I lost it. (Also there's a weird bit in the middle; I'm pretty sure that's just when I tried to stop myself screwing up the lyrics, haha.)

I feel like there's a bit of the song that's trying to run off and be something else... So maybe there'll be a spinoff one of the next times my midnight muse comes around.

There was a time
When we didn't spare a dime
When we spent hours on the line
When we spent time together without a phone
Now there are so many ways
To communicate
But I don't think we've ever been more alone
Today things are so fast paced
We push buttons but no one stops and says hello
Remember when nothing said it better than a love letter?
These days things are so fast paced
We push buttons but no one stops and says hello
How I wish that weren't so long ago

I remember the excitement
The perfume on the parchment
The many ways she said I miss you
There were stickers on the cover
A heart drawn in the corner
Why doesn't anyone write letters anymore?
Sometimes I find her letters
Remember us together
It’s something to hold on to, not so easily replaced
She wrote of that spring walk,
The clocks, the hours that we talked and
The whipped cream that she smeared across my face

[Today, things are so fast-paced...]

[I remember the excitement...]

Created: Feb 21, 2014

Tags: solo, song, piano

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