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Patterns obsess me. Rituals to be more specific.

I can't start my day without  a ten 10 minute shower(1) ,the perfect cup of coffee, and a quick look at the news. But the unconscious rituals are the ones I find the most interesting.

How every time I sneeze in comes in pairs or how every night I have nightmares I have at least two or three of them (2) . Everytime I am on a boat I get seasick no matter what (4)  and everytime I have to wait for something longer than 5 minutes I can't control the urge to bite my nails (5). I cant seem to be able to look at a picture of my grandmother without bursting into tears (6) or  to sleep on the other side of the bed , even when I have it all to myself (7). 


Created: Feb 21, 2014

Tags: rituals, daily, pattern, introduction

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