The End

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-The End-


Your words were heavy

Bleeding through the

Final pages of our book.

I knew your message

Before it even left your lips


And you could tell…

You were always the only one

Who could cut right through my

Glittering bull shit tone

Often used when

Tragedy hits


You didn’t want to hurt me.

I should have known.

Your silence days before

Said it all and

I was too hopeful to

Listen to it.


You’ve ended us when

I couldn’t put the final words

Upon our leaf-thin pages,

Too long and scattered

Sprinkled with tears,

Cross-outs, tares and

Too much annotation for

Our own good.


And so, I said good bye when

You didn’t even have to.

I already knew.




Created: Feb 21, 2014

Tags: poetry, story

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