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This is text to go with IvanaK's "Breaking the Pattern (Pattern Book Curation)" which would make for an excellent last chapter to the book.  I was very inspired by the album of photos for this curation, and I hope more beautiful photographs will be submitted so this chapter can be completed.  What I wrote here is just a start of something that came to me tonight, but hopefully it can inspire more ideas and/or be added to/edited or something maybe...?  I envision more pictures like Connect. by TheShutterSmith or Out... by belcath1981...



Recurring designs filling the lines in subtle unique little patterns.
Breaking away to much dismay are the slubs in a striped woolen sweater.
What molds or unfolds in nice and neat ways might unravel flawed calculations.
So while this repetitive nature goes on, its infinite pleasure is somehow paused.

Waves dismayed.
Tiny delays.
Or something just off-kilter.
Somehow being askew brings something new to defining what we think matters.

Some arrangements, just like rules, are maybe meant to be broken.
A bright yellow balloon filled in a room of lovely turquoise lanterns.
While fixed signs become missed when one or more start to scatter.
Or these city lines might suddenly diverge to create new paths and patterns.

The perfection perplexed instantaneously.
Interrupt the flow and there you go;
separating the design from the builder.
And while some betray their intentions, there is still a beat on repeat,
unmoved by random disruptions.
Thus, the loop continues on...

When it comes to these superb patterns, we're often enthralled by their endless wonder.
But just as night brings mystical stars aligned in all directions,
a comet will fly right through the sky as a beautiful, magnificent distraction.
So while this distraction in patterns is seen, their loops find meaning in breaking the seam.

Created: Feb 21, 2014

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