The Illusion of Symmetry (Theme text for Patterns Collab)

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There is a fool's symmetry which is the security blanket of the senses. It gives softness and warmth, enveloping us in the serene belief that we see all that there is to see because we think both sides of a sight are the same. This errant doppleganger whispers with forked tongue into both ears: "You grasp the true nature of what you set your gaze upon -- all mysteries are pierced once pierced by your enlightened eye!" Under the illusion of such symmetry, with much relish, we would convince ourselves that we glimpse the world with the vision of a god. I will tell you that, in spite of old adages, the divinity is in the details. There is a better Symmetry than mere duplication and its duplicity.

The true beauty of Symmetry is not vested in its illusion of the identical. It is found in those moments where an object's genuine identity becomes apparent, where the differences of the surveyed fall away, and you finally stop seeing the forest for recognition of the incredible opportunity provided you in seeing the trees [1]. A world of dichotomies begin to reach out, phantoms of haunting poignancy [2], and you may embrace the unexpected balances they create! Light and dark, marks of the chiaroscuro's charm, will build paths you may follow side-by-side [3] next to towers you may ascend floor to sky [4].

Symmetry at its best and most mystical yields to the very tearing apart of a thing. Under such treatment its patterns bloom [5] with the efficacy of both poison and panacea. So consumed, an object's nature achieves unique perfection, one in which, however distended its dimensions, is encapsulated the true essence of Essence itself. When reconstituted to the Nth degree, windows become doorways [6], stairwells purse their lips as mouths attached to unexpected throats [7], bridges over waters shed appearances to prove Bifrost [8], and the spirits of the forests find body and beard in the very trees of the mountains themselves [9]. Illusion springs forth out of Symmetry to be transformed into pure revelation.

It is now, when Symmetry is realized to be reality's own well-hidden Rorschach for discovering the wealth of your mind, that you begin to recognize yourself within its reflections [10].

Created: Feb 21, 2014


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