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Here is a curation of albums I would like to see in the Patterns Book:


Fraeulein's "Daily Patterns"


I think this is a great way to start the Book because something that I can see being an issue with this book is there being endless pages of very obvious visual patterns (which is not necessarily bad, just not what I had in mind for this collab). Starting off with daily patterns lets the readers know right off the bat that they will have to look a little deeper at times to see patterns.


Metaphorest's "URBAN"


I love the idea of having a chapter dedicated to man-made patterns found in cities (so much so that one of my curations is entirely dedicated to it). I think that showing patterns in architecture and other man-made structures, etc. will possibly open the readers' eyes to the world around them in a new way. Some of the record in this collab are similar to the previous chapter, which is why I think any overlapping records should be ommited, but that the ones of man-made structures should be kept. I think this is a perfect next chapter because, as shown by the overlapping of some pictures with the previous chapter, the two chapters are similar. It would be a very good transition. This can also transition the book into more visual patterns.

This record is similar (but very long. worth a look):


KristanDawnhere's "Naturally Occuring"

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This is another idea that I love (I also made a curation for this subject). THis would be a great chpter to have after man-made patterns. I find these images absolutely amazing.


jdhaen's "The Look-A-Like Chapter"

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This is a chapter I am slightly less sure about, but I think it could work well. Not only do the individual images in this album have patterns, but I think that in an interesting way, this is almost like a "Patterns of hitRECord" album (showing the similarities between different contributors' work). Just a thought.


Marie Bee's "What Memories Live There"


This is, in my opinion, the most interesting of all the albums. When combined together, this curation really gives an eirie, sad tone that I find absolutely incredible. I also love how they show a pattern that takes some time to really figure out. Very interesting, and visually stunning.


Marie Bee's "Like Your Favorite Sweater"

Text: (from what I found)

This is just another great concept, with a pattern that we constantly repeat. I'm really digging Marie Bee's work apparently...


IvanaK's "Breaking the Pattern"


I totally agree about this being the perfect way to end the book. Amazing


I'm going to put the links to the albums I curated. I don't want to put them in the actual meta-curation because I don't really agree with blatant self-promotion. Also, they're really not amazing. I'm only putting them here so you can look at 'em and judge for yourself. (this one has been included in a lot of meta-curations)


Created: Feb 21, 2014

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