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As i lie awake in the darkness of the morning, i feel the emptiness in the place i call my home. I look around in the darkness and see my life, rooms filled with memories of melancholy, despair and lovelessness. I stand on the cold marble floors, sending the sharp pains of past, present and future as i walk towards the balcony. I open the frosty doors and a gush of air rushs to my lungs. a breath of life or death, i will never know. i press my headphones into my ears and place my fate to my IPod. The music pumps life to my cold veins as i stare into the dusk of a new day. the sun slowly rises across the horizon and shines glimmers hope into my eyes, but only for a moment as i turn away to look back to the place i call home. the only life it breathes is loneliness as the rays of the sun shines into the living room. i place my IPod into my speakers and listen to the music as it echoes through the barren rooms littered with items which represents parts of my life, and once again a shallow pain aches in my hollow heart as i remember that no life lives in this place but my own. as i look back towards the sun, i am reminded of the solitary life i live, with little warmth and few comforts to fill my heart with joy. i think to myself, “am i boat which floats down the river, alone in the bitter cold of the night air, lifeless as i drift through the river i call my life? will i find another boat to seek warmth, happiness and joy or will my journey be in solitude for eternity.” i walk back to the bedroom where i seek the warmth i need to relieve the pain that aches through my body and i lay facing the window as the sun lights the world slowly. i hold myself in hopes that i will rid this feeling of forsakenness and fill these rooms with life, love and joy.

Created: Feb 21, 2014

Tags: alone, script, loneliness

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