Challenge #2- Alien Self Portrait (Rawr)

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This is Tillycat's challenge to me, asking if to make myself into an alien. I had WAY too much fun with this (thanks Tillycat)! Now, there are a lot of inside jokes goin on in here, so let me fill you in.

First off, the over all bird-like structure is from a horrible sounding screech my cousin, sister, and I make. It's like a dinosaur meets 1000 dying birds. People hate it, so we do it all the time. I feel I have strangely big eyes (not that I'm complaining), so I decided alien me should have that too. Alien me also has tiny hands and feet, like I do. I wear size 2 shoes, no joke. She (or me? Whatever) also has a ridiculous amount of hair, because my sister and I like to joke that IF we wanted to, we could grow better moustaches than the men in our family...Its the Italian in us, but thankfully there are lasers now (yay). And finally, since I am in a wheelchair, alien me has to be in one too.


Created: Feb 21, 2014

Tags: loddi, painting, digital, color

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