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I am very new to hitRECord. From what I am reading in regards to the experiences people are having, it seems to me like many artists out there could perhaps use a different perspective.

I know from personal experience that it is only natural to get super excited over new projects, especially when they seem to have a lot of promise. And while this is not always a bad thing, you have to be real with yourself- when I start a short film, eventually the emotional high fades and I am left with a lot of work in front of me.

It's easy to get discouraged, when you start delving into the little details. The big picture sounds great and intriguing, but people lose interest when time comes to put the work in. It is at this time that you must be able to look to yourself for encouragement. You can no longer rely on the excitement of your friends (here on hitRECord, or in real life). Most of us don't have the luxury of big budgets and hollywood producers begging us to bring our visions to life. On the contrary, we still have to work at "normal" jobs, pay bills, in some cases raise a family. All of this comes first, and then we create with every free moment we can find... And by no means is it easy. So, why? Why do we create?

I'm not sure whether I have the answer, but in my perspective it is a part of our nature. Because we are creations ourselves, the desire to act as creators is innate to our very being. Our imagination gives us a powerful ability to endlessly visit other universes, realities- inside of our own mind. When navigating through this space we feel the urge to build upon these ideas. It is not because of the recognition or fame, which is sought after by the ego. And it is not necessarily because of the end product.

Just because you have "finished" or completed your vision does not mean you have quenched your thirst for creation. All artists know this. When you look at your most recent project, no matter how beautiful or brilliant, it doesn't feel quite as satisfying as you'd think... This is because masterpiece after masterpiece- our need to create never leaves us. It is this insatiabile instinct which drives us to fully realize what we, as creators, are capable of. Simply by acting out our own creative process, we achieve some sense of self-realization. But... don't rely on your creations place in the world to determine your self-worth!

If we look to feedback to determine the value of our art... it will drive us mad. Just because you don't win any awards doesn't mean your creations aren't of value. Personally, I have lost myself in worrying about who sees my painting or short film, desperately seeking the attention it "deserves." And more often than not, when I live in my worries of the future, my project- and my spirit- suffers in the present. But whether hitRECord features my film or not, nothing can take away the things I have come to realize about myself and what it means to be alive. And this is the true value of the artistic process- the opportunity to explore the depths of ourselves, and thru ourselves the human spirit as a whole. This insatiable drive to create keeps humanity moving forward.

In a world full of creative beings, you must love yourself and be your own source of encouragement. Because this is how we keep learning and growing. YOU MUST LOVE YOUR OWN PROJECT, regardless of where it goes. And before you can love your project you must remember to love the process- the journey as a whole. Don't determine the worth of your project based on feedback. And don't lose yourself living in the future. Because really art is an experiment in a personal journey of self-exploration.

Lift up your heads, explorers. Have courage and fear not, for in the end everything is a lesson. Learn to love yourself through the ups and downs and don't let anything stop you from creating. That is all.

Created: Feb 20, 2014

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