Soul, Body, And Mind...

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Soul, Body, and Mind they wanna use you. 

Takin control of your life to abuse you.

Sit Back Relax and Enjoy the Show, watch the world go blind and let the truth blow.

Blow up into a thousand pieces and let the ashes stain our weakness, the flames went out after we heard political speeches.

The clock ticks as we twitch to change the channel.

Ignorance is crisp like the chips you eatin, crums on a flannel.

The belly gets thick, companies get rich, while you still sittin. 

Waiting for the dreams that never come cuz you keep quittin.

Why dream anyway when you really ain't livin...???

I'm a true artist bc I love my colors still shinnin.

Livin with the truth while others still whinnin and dinnin in the restaurants. 

The airplanes keep flyin, till one day another terrorist attacks, yeah they keep lyin while my creative soul is still shinnin.

Fuck drugs, thugs, and coorupt politics I'm Outty!

I'm gonna kick it like a tribe called quest and Ghandi...

Wanna talk... you know where to find me.

Created: Feb 20, 2014


Manuel Martinez Document Media